Wireless charging station for smartphone, watch and earbuds


Experience seamless and hassle-free MagSafe charging. The magnetic alignment guarantees perfect positioning every time, eliminating cable fiddling.

MagSafe also ensures your devices are charged at the optimal speed and efficiency so your devices are fully charged when need them.


2X The Speed

MagSafe technology supports faster charging speed compared to traditional wireless chargers.

For instance, MagSafe can deliver up to 15W power to iPhones, which is an upgrade from standard Qi wireless chargers' 7.5W output.

Modern Standard Simpli Charge White with iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods on timber office desk


MagSafe charging stations allow you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously.

This consolidates your charging setup into a single, organized space, reducing clutter and making it easier to manage your devices.


don't go without:

intelligent protection features

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Overheating Protection

MagSafe chargers are designed to regulate temperature and prevent overheating, ensuring safe and efficient charging.


Battery Life Preservation

Intelligent charging technology helps maintain battery health by optimizing charging speed and preventing overcharging.

Electrical Protection

Built-in safety features guard against short circuits, voltage spikes, and current surges, protecting both your device and charger.

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