Magnitis 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station is built for performance. Designed with special-grade aluminum for heat dissipation and battery longevity, Magnitis utilizes MagSafe technology to deliver wireless fast charging. With 50 built-in N52 magnets, it has the strongest magnetic grip and keeps your precious iPhone securely attached.

iPhone 12/13/14/15 (all models) or later

Apple Watch Series 3/4/5/6/7/8, Ultra & SE

AirPods 3rd Gen or later, AirPods Pro


Always use the included cable and adaptor for the best charging experience.

iPhone Charging Port: 15W
AirPods Charging Port: 3W
Apple Watch Charging Port: 2.5W
Charging Distance: 0.12-0.31 in. | 3-8 mm
Charging Efficiency: ~80-85%


Product Dimensions: 4.7 × 2.8 × 5.2 in | 184 × 113 × 65 mm
Weight: 8.8 oz | 250g
Magnets: N52 x 50

Included in the box

  • Charging Station

  • 20W Power Adaptor (USB A & USB C)

  • USB Cable

  • User Guide

Superior charging

Experience superior charging power and unmatched protection for your Apple accessories.

Modern Standard Magnitis MagSafe charger in gray, displayed with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, highlighting a sleek multi-device charging solution designed for Apple products.

Designed for apple

With MagSafe technology, our devices are designed to unleash your favorite Apple devices' charging potential. MAGNITIS is compatible with:

  • iPhone 12/13/14/15
  • Apple Watch Series 3/4/5/6/7/8/9, Ultra & SE
  • AirPods 3rd gen or later & AirPods Pro


Apple Watch Created with Sketch.

Apple Watch


High-Performance Magnitis 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Ultra strong magnets

MAGNITIS is built with unmatched magnetic power. 

With built-in high-grade N52 magnets, it ensures your precious iPhone and Apple Watch will be securely attached whilst charging.

Modern Standard Magnitis MagSafe charger in gray, showcasing an iPhone in Standby Mode with clock and battery status displayed, ideal for nightstand use.


Maximize your iPhone’s potential with StandBy Mode, turning it into a sleek bedside clock while it charges on MAGNITIS.

Simply rotate your phone sideways whilst being charged on Magnitis to activate it.


MAGNITIS is perfect for bedrooms. No built-in notification sound and discrete low-power LED light indicator ensures you can sleep easy at night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Jeanette H.

Sturdy and reliable, the aluminum body feels premium. Cool to the touch even after hours of use.

Mitchell C.

Cool, sturdy, and exceptionally reliable.

Clifford L.

Love the sleek aluminum design. It's not only sturdy but also keeps devices cool during charging.

Donna H.

Excellent product with superior cooling capabilities and a sturdy aluminum frame that enhances its reliability and aesthetic appeal.

Louis R.

Effectively cools while charging, with a durable aluminum body that lasts.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Do I need a MagSafe phone case ?

Yes, you will need a MagSafe iPhone case (a case with a magnetic ring on the back) to use the charger. Alternatively, you can simply remove the case before placing it on the charger.

Is MAGNITIS compatible with Standby Mode?

Yes, Magnitis allows 360° full rotation of your iPhone and is fully compatible with Standby mode.

How fast is MAGNITIS charger?

MAGNITIS 3-in-1 Charging Station is capable of producing 15w output for iPhone charging port, which is twice output of a conventional wireless charger.

How does Magnitis prevent overheating of my iPhone?

With advanced thermal regulation technology, our chargers maintain optimal charging temperatures, safeguarding the device from the risks of overheating. Internal sensors and intelligent heat dissipation mechanisms work in harmony to efficiently dissipate any generated heat, ensuring a cool and safe charging experience. 

How does MAGNITIS prevent light pollution?

The indicator light on the Magnitis 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station emits only low-power LED light. The indicator is discretely placed at the back of the device, further minimizing any potential disturbance during the night.

This subtle design choice ensures that you can comfortably use the charger in your bedroom without worrying about bright lights affecting your sleep environment.

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